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  1. INQUISITOR Formerly Suras, the Inquisitor is a member of the denomination as an agent acting on behalf of divine judgment. With divine faith strengthening them gradually, Inquisitors can step up and launch more attacks with the power of that faith. Not sure why I'm doin this one. "A guide from a noob Inquisitor player" Let's start with the SKILL TREE. First Second Third Fourth (Inquisitor) Yo, next. CHECK OUT THE GEARS THAT YOU NEED! Upper: Old Blazing Soul [1] - From Nightmare Biolabs and you can enchant withAdamantine Lv. 1 and upgrade to Adamantine Lv. 9 Temporal Circlet (Sura) [1] - Get from Merchant NPC in Glast Heim Challenge Mode. Enchant with either Temporal Jewel (VIT) Lv 3 or Temporal Jewel (STR) Lv 3 andAdamantine Lv. 10 Thanos Fighter Helmet [1] reform it into Thanos Fighter Helmet-LT [1] - enchant withAdamantine Lv. 3 and Gray Spell3. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/311378/gray-spell-fighter-3lv Middle: Poring Sunglasses [1] or Poring Sunglasses Victory Wing Ears [1] Crimson Booster [1] Battle Processor [1] Lower: Happy Balloon Whistle Ninja's Blue Mask https://www.limitmmo.com/wiki/Random_Options#Poring_Balloon_Series_Enchants Armor: Grace Tiger Suit [1] - https://www.limitmmo.com/wiki/Episode_17.1 Illusion Armor A-type [1] - Enchant with Modification Module (Delay after skill) and Modification Module (Power) - https://www.limitmmo.com/wiki/Episode_17.1 Automatic Armor Type A [1] - Enchant with Automatic Module(Tiger Empire) and/or Automatic Modification Module(Attacker Force) Automatic Modification Module(Attack Power) (https://www.limitmmo.com/wiki/Episode_17.2) I never used that Illusion and Automatic armors so just forget about it and just wear.. VIT Soutane [1] - and enchant it with VIT Blessing Nebula Armor of Power [1] and/or Nebula Armor of Stamina [1] - enchant with Star Cluster of Power Lv3 and/or Nebula of Health Lv3 Nebula of Health Lv3 Weapon: Ray Knuckle [2] reform into Patent Ray Knuckle [2] then into Ray Knuckle-LT [2] (https://www.limitmmo.com/wiki/Item_Reform) Thanos Knuckle [1] reform into Thanos Knuckle-AD [2] Shield: Cursed Knight Shield - once upgraded to refine level 9, you can change it to Purified Knight Shield. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/28942/cursed-knights-shield-1 https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/28946/purified-knights-shield-1 Mad Bunny [1] - refine to +9 so you can reform it into better shield which is Mad Bunny-LT [1] can enchant with Physical 1Lv or Vital 1Lv https://www.limitmmo.com/wiki/Random_Options#Mad_Bunny_LT_Enchants Garment Grace Attack Manteau [1] - (https://www.limitmmo.com/wiki/Episode_17.1) Illusion Engine wing A-type [1] and/or Illusion Engine wing B-type [1] - enchant with Modification Module (Above All) and Modification Module (Caster) (https://www.limitmmo.com/wiki/Episode_17.1) Automatic Engine Wing Type A [1] and/or Automatic Engine Wing Type B [1] - enchant with Automatic Module (Above All), Automatic Modification Module(Powerful) andAutomatic Modification Module(Caster) (https://www.limitmmo.com/wiki/Episode_17.2) Temporal Str Manteau [1] - enchant with Atk+6% or HP + 10% (https://www.limitmmo.com/wiki/Random_Options#Temporal_Manteau_Options) Shoes: Grace Attack Boots [1] - https://www.limitmmo.com/wiki/Episode_17.1 Illusion Leg A-type [1] - enchant with Modification Module (Fixed Casting) and https://www.limitmmo.com/item/view/?id=25684 (https://www.limitmmo.com/wiki/Episode_17.1) Automatic Leg Type A [1] - enchant with Automatic Modification Module(Fixed Casting), Automatic Modification Module(Robust) and Automatic Modification Module(Vital) (https://www.limitmmo.com/wiki/Episode_17.2) Temporal Boots Of Strength - enchant with Fighting Spirit7 and Bear's Power (https://www.limitmmo.com/wiki/Old_Glast_Heim) ( combo item with Temporal Str Manteau [1] ) Ancient Hero Boots [1] - once refined to 9, use Ancient Hero Boots Modification Cube to make it Great Hero Boots [1]. Refine to +9 again then reform into Hero Boots-LT [1] You can enchant it, too. (https://www.limitmmo.com/wiki/Random_Options#Hero.27s_Badge_and_Hero_Boots_LT_Enchants) (this one is pair item with Ray Knuckle-LT [2] ) Accessory: Grace Attack Ring [1] - this one complete the Grace Set that I mentioned above. (https://www.limitmmo.com/wiki/Episode_17.1) Illusion Booster R [1] and/or Illusion Booster L [1] - enchant with Modification Module (Vit), Modification Module (Str), Modification Module (Dex) Modification Module (Drain Life) Modification Module (Drain Soul) (https://www.limitmmo.com/wiki/Episode_17.1) Automatic Booster R [1] and/or Automatic Booster L [1] - enchant with Automatic Modification Module(VIT), Automatic Modification Module(STR) and Automatic Modification Module(All Force) (https://www.limitmmo.com/wiki/Episode_17.2) Brilliant Light Ruby Ring [1] + Brilliant Light Ruby Necklace [1] - (https://www.limitmmo.com/wiki/Thanatos_Tower_Reorganized) Stellar Power Seal [1] and/or Stellar Stamina Seal [1] - enchant with Star of Mettle Lv5 and/or Star of Vital Lv5 combo item withNebula Armor of Power [1] Nebula Armor of Stamina [1] Token of a Hero (Inquisitor) [1] - best accessory if you're using Ray Knuckle-LT [2] as your weapon. Hero's Badge [1] - (I don't know how to explain, just check and read this link https://www.limitmmo.com/wiki/Random_Options#Hero.27s_Badge_and_Hero_Boots_LT_Enchants) Shadow Items: Tiger Shadow Weapon Tiger Shadow Pendant Tiger Shadow Earring Sura Shadow Shield or Full Penetration Shadow Armor Full Penetration Shadow Shoes Full Penetration Shadow Earring Full Penetration Shadow Pendant or Maximum Mammoth Shadow Armor Maximum Mammoth Shadow Shoes Maximum Mammoth Shadow Earring Maximum Mammoth Shadow Pendant Cards: TOP / MIDDLE Bungisngis Card +Rigid Sky Deleter Card Melted Poring Card Sealed Kiel Card orKiel-D-01 Card 2. ARMOR - Mistress of Shelter Card 3. WEAPON - White Knight Card and Mutant Plaga Card 4. SHIELD - Khalitzburg Knight Card 5. GARMENT - Happiness Giver Card 6. SHOES - Papila Ruba Card | Burning Fang Card Broken Memory of Thanatos Card 7. ACCESSORY - Powerful Magic Card Phantom Wolf Card + Grey Wolf Card Dolorian Card PETS: Kiel-D-01 Egg Orc Hero Egg https://www.limitmmo.com/wiki/Cute_Pets STATS & TRAITS: WHOLE SET OF INQUISITOR "SAMPLE" DAMAGE - (just an example) I'M TIRED.
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  2. In the old limit there's this event that fills a random town with tons of zombies. The town will be broadcasted and will need help with the zombie. Players would then kill the zombies and out of the thousands of zombies, there will be like 7 special ones that when killed gives cp or town points, I think it's a fun mini event that would entice players to be active in specific times throughout the day. Another event is kinda the same but instead of zombies, a miniboss will appear at a random town. There was I think 7 miniboss which appears one at a time. For both these mini event though, please don't include towns that doesn't allow the use of fly wings as it's such a pain to wonder around yuno just to find the special zombies/mini boss. Also to make it kinda fair especially to super AOE class like archmage, make the zombies/miniboss have different properties, not just undead
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  3. ChompDragon's Guide for Biolo Cart Cannon Build Cart Cannon is a range based physical skill, and has a 7x7 cells AoE, surrounding the main target, affected by your ATK, and Long Range ATK Modifiers. Must have a cart to cast and consumes 1 Cannon Ball. Note : You need to reduce 100% Variable Cast (Formula: 2xDEX+INT=530) and 0 seconds fixed cast time reduction for insta-cast . And to spam Cart Cannon you need atleast 80% ACD (After cast delay - .5 sec). Note : Cart Cannon IGNORES TARGET's FLEE.It will always hit unless you used wrong element. Cart Cannon's Element follows your CURRENTLY EQUIPPED CANNONBALL and IGNORES YOUR Weapon's PROPERTY Skill Tree for Cart Cannon --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STATS for Cart Cannon --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GEARS for Cart Cannon Early Game (Newbie) As a Fresh new player, start off with Limit Gears available from Limit HQ (@go 39). Mid-Game (1+ week into the game) Late Mid-Game (3-4+ week into the game) - use same cards as above END-Game ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHADOW GEARS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ COSTUME STONES Creator Stone (Upper) Increases Acid Terror damage by 20%. Creator Stone (Lower) Atk + 2 for each level of Learning Potion learned. Creator Stone (Middle) Increases heal effectiveness by 2% for each level of Potion Pitcher learned. Genetic Stone (Garment) Increase Cart Cannon damage by 10%. When equipped with Creator Stone (Top), increases Cart Cannon damage by 10%. When equipped with Creator Stone (Middle), reduces cooldown of Mandragora Howl by 3 seconds. When equipped with Creator Stone (Bottom), increases long ranged physical damage by 5%. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONSUMABLES AND FOODS Red Herb Activator Cocktail Warg Blood Savage Full Roast Concentrated Ceromain Soup Transformation Scroll(Gazeti) OR Transformation Scroll(Kobold Archer) Guarana Candy Bar Cookie Of Dexterity Box of Resentment ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PETS (Follow CUTE PETS for more ) Little Isis Egg If intimacy level is Loyal, Atk + 4% Choco Egg If intimacy level is Loyal, Crit + 9, Increases long-ranged damage on targets by 3%. Orc Hero Egg When intimacy is Loyal, Atk + 7%, increases critical damage by 3%. Baphomet EggWhen intimacy is Loyal, Flee + 20, MaxSP + 7%, increases long ranged physical damage by 5%.
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