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Changelogs - September Promo

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All EXP Boost: 1000x

Ends: 2022.09.12


  • Zeny to Cash and Cash to Zeny NPC is back.
    • 10 CP = 10m zeny
    • Unlimited exchange from both sides.
  • Fatigue Potion and Beerzebub Sealed card are tradable now.
  • Added Episode 17.2 gears to Limitless Island Scientist Merchant.
  • Magic Soapstone can be exchanged for Gelstars too.
  • Added Floor 4 and Floor 7 access to Deepmines Elevator.
  • Nyan Time inside VIP House now sells many Secret Box items for fixed Cash Points.
  • Added Perfect Enchant for Nebula armors.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Dragon Breath and Cannon skills with DEF issue.
  • Fixed proc rate for Tiger Hat LT.
  • Fixed variable casting bonuses from several skills not stacking with item bonuses.
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