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Changelogs - MvP Library and Underground Treasury

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Herro, how are you? All good? Me too.

Goal is to make the best Super High Rate PK server, if you like it, tell friends, sisters, brothers, cousins, dogs, cats, flower, tree, moon, water, h2o, covi69, etc to join.

Do not hesitate to Kill the noob you see! Kill, print and LOL.

Donators who made real donations and wants to get SVIP Level based on donation, CONTACT GM in Discord or Facebook. (Until end of this month.)

Content Updates

Limitless Island Updates

  • MvP Library
    • A 250+ feature on the island where you can enter the dimensional library and face any MvP.
    • Total 10 floors with PK, including a SVIP floor (no pk).
    • MvP respawn time is 5 minutes.
    • nullimage.png
  • Underground Treasury
    • A new discovered place under the island full of treasures.
    • Level 250+ can access it, with PK for 10 floors and SVIP floor (no pk).
    • Estimate: 300m-500m / hour zeny rate.
    • nullimage.png
  • Tamarin Collector is here
    • You can turn in your Wilderness Tickets for Costume Enchant Stone boxes.
    • You can turn in your Dimensional Fragments for Shadow gear boxes.
    • image.png

Misc Updates

  • PK System
    • PK level is now 250 to enter.
    • PK Lock is added, if you HIT or Get Hit by someone you will get PK Lock status that prevents you from teleport, warp, or logout. Now, harder for noobs to run. gg.
    • PK Off in vending and limitless island.
  • Wilderness Bronze, Silver and Gold now drops the tickets 100%.
  • Perfect Enchant for Constellation Tower accessory added.
  • Zerenia NPC in Limit HQ can now exchange +18 safe refine tickets into Super Safe Refine Tickets that used for Weapon Level 5 and Armor level 2.
  • All Instance Party bonus requires now only 2+ man to spawn the treasures.

Cash Updates

  • Brand new SVIP Level introduced.
    • Free bonus feature for Donators.
    • Obtain SVIP Level when convert Credits into Cash Points after donation.
    • All Auras are now SVIP exclusive, added new Auras.
    • If you have made REAL Donation before, contact GM in discord or fb to give you SVIP Level based on your donation amount.
    • Do it before end of this month.
  • Added new unique Rental buffs and rental AP potion in Cash Shop.
  • Added Gen 3 Secret Keys in boxes.
  • Added Enchant Tickets to VIP House Nyan Time.
  • Added @autopot command for VIP Members.
  • Nyan Time NPC in VIP House now sells Effect Stones from boxes separately and Super Safe Refine Tickets.
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