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#21018: Lindy Hop

Item ID 21018 For Sale No
Identifier Two_Hand_Spear_170 Credit Price Not For Sale
Name Lindy Hop Type Weapon - Two-Handed Sword
NPC Buy 20 Weight 340
NPC Sell 10 Weapon Level 4
Range 1 Defense 0
Slots 2 Refineable Yes
Attack 340 Min Equip Level 170
MATK 0 Max Equip Level None
Equip Locations Two-Handed
Equip Upper Third / Third Upper / Third Baby
Equippable Jobs Knight / Crusader
Equip Gender Both (Male and Female)
Trade restriction None
Description Sword once used by berserker Riel. You can feel steady rhythm of enemy movement which passing in your sight.
For each Refine Level:
Decreases After Attack Delay by 1%.
For each 2 Refine Levels:
ATK +1%.
Indestructible in battle
Type: Two-Handed Sword
Attack: 340
Weight: 340
Weapon Level: 4
Can be enchanted by:
Base Level 170
Rune Knight and Royal Guard

Lindy Hop Dropped By

Monster ID Monster Name Lindy Hop Drop Chance Can be stealed Monster Level Monster Race Monster Element
3474 Immortal Cursed Knight 0.2% Yes 160 Formless Level 2 Dark
3473 Stefan.J.E.Wolf 0.2% Yes 160 Undead Level 1 Undead